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Answered Prayer

Drum roll please…………and the winner is…………….Jennifer Johnson!!! I’ll be getting your Bath and Body Works giftcard to you soon so you can enjoy the delicious scents! Thanks to everyone for your comments. I know I really enjoyed reading them!

I’m not quite sure the best way to share what’s been on my heart lately, so I’m just going to start and see where it goes…bear with me.

About a month ago, I found out that a friend, a teacher that I taught with at Lubbock High had a son in the hospital in critical condition. This strong, athletic 15 year-old boy that I had briefly met the year before when he visited my class was in the hospital, septic, with his organs failing. It absolutely broke my heart. I couldn’t grasp how such a strong young man could suddenly be in the process of dying from an unidentified infection. Like many who know the Shipman family, I began praying and crying. Praying for miraculous healing and crying because I could only imagine a tiny bit of the pain of losing a child, and I ached for my friend, Jenni, this young man’s mother. I asked my church family to begin praying as well.

I stayed alert for any news from my teacher friends, trying to stay in touch with what was going on. A couple days later, I heard he’d taken a turn for the worse, but then, about a week later, I heard that he was showing strong signs of recovery. I was absolutely amazed. Again, I prayed and cried. Praying that Jesse would continue to recover and crying with joy and amazement. This was the first time I had, in my distant way, experienced such a miraculous healing. Even with all the medical technology involved in helping keep Jesse alive, he is recovering at a rate that forces doctors, nurses and therapists to say this is truly a miracle.

Over the next few weeks, my eyes were open to all the ways in which God was answering our prayers, even when it was not always in the way we had planned. Things were finally beginning to settle for Jerod’s new job assignment, even though it requires he takes another certification test, we know this will be the best for him. Also, I have been approached with an opportunity to do some part time work with a new gymnastics club in town. A possiblity I am truly excited about. The concerns that had been on my heart were beginning to resolve and God’s answers were becoming clear.

As my brain began reflecting and stewing, something I do way too much, I realized that at some point over the last few years, I had stopped asking of God. I had not stopped praying, but I had stopped making requests of Him. I guess I figured that what is going to happen is going to happen, and I just need to be given the peace to accept it. This seems a bit skewed. I do need to have the peace to accept God’s answers, but I also need the boldness to ask for the desires of my heart. After all, He created my heart; He put those desires in there. Why should I deny His creation in me?

So here I am, learning how to be bold in my prayers and leave the rest to God. Maybe that is truly letting go of control. Not just letting things happen as they will, but being willing to ask when you don’t determine the answer.

Hmm…I’d love to know ya’lls thoughts on this and what you have experienced in answered prayer. As always, I am a work in progress and appreciate the wisdom and insight of others.

Have a fabulous Thursday,


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Giveaway Day!!!

Happy Thursday to ya’ll! To help you survive the heat, we have a cool giveaway today: $20 giftcard to Bath and Bodyworks! Enjoy the sweet, cool scents while you hideout in your air conditioning.

All you have to do is answer this question: What is your favorite scent? It can be Bath and Bodyworks or not…up to you. You have until Wednesday at 9 P.M. to post your answer to the question in the comments section. I’ll then use a random number generator and announce the winner on Thursday.

Let the giveaway begin!!!



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Hey ya’ll! Hope you’ve had a great weekend and have an even better week ahead of you! I just wanted to open up this week’s post to ya’ll. I’ve had the great opportunity to spend some time with friends over the last couple of weeks and found that their words and that time together was very encouraging. 

So for this week, I thought we might make the blog our own virtual coffee house gathering of sorts. Mmmmm…smell the rich aroma of a perfect cup of coffee….

Doesn’t that look delicious? Go ahead, grab yourself a fancy or not so fancy cup of coffee and a yummy pastry. (I personally am powerless against a cinnamon chip scone or chocolate-chocolate chip muffin. They make me weak in the kness, and I lose all will power.)

Now that you’re all set, take a minute to share with your Still Waters friends. If there are any words of encouragment, scripture, song, event or anything else that has stuck in your head or been good for your heart lately, share it as a comment while you enjoy your real or imagainary coffee and pastry. You never know who God might bless through what you share.

Can’t wait to see what happens!


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Happy June everyone! So, I spent the last week trying to figure out what in the world I would put up on the blog this week. I have not been able to get my mind off of the subject that Kacey brought up last week: control.

Control has always been an issue for me. As I’m sure it has been for most people. For me it is a constant back and forth. I put my life and all it’s “stuff” before the Lord, and then a day or a few seconds later, I feel that I really do have a better idea of how my marriage should be and how our finances should look and how I should mother Elizabeth and… Eventually, I’ve picked it all back up again, weighing myself down with burdens that I am not equipt to handle. Once I feel overwhelmed and unable to cope, I realize what I’ve done and lay it down again.

My need to control my “stuff” has improved over time. Now instead of just picking it all back up, I seem to drift back to my pile of “stuff” and look at it for a little while…contemplate the state of things.

Then I might just double check with God and ask, “Are you sure you can handle this, God?”


“Well, if you need any assistance, I could help. I really don’t mind.”

“Thank you.” (God is so patient with me.)

“Okay, well, if you need me, I’ll be right over here. Just waiting….”

So I still have some control issues, but God never fails to “wow” me when He is in control. My most recent “wow” moment was when Jerod, my husband, found out he was going to be teaching at a different campus. For those of you who don’t know, I do not handle change well, I mean serious, I DO NOT handle change well. As a child I grieved (actually cried) over the loss of the most hideous livingroom lamps that we sold in a garage sale. Change and I are not close friends. So here we are, not sure where or what Jerod will be teaching next year, but God knew exactly what was going on. Within hours of Jerod learning he would be moving to another campus, he receive a call for an interview. A few days later, Jerod received notification that he would be the new 5th grade math teacher at Parkway Elementary School. And as my mother reminded me, “God was not surprised.” Well, I was. I would have at least moved Jerod to a school closer to our house, not all the way across town on Zenith Ave. I knew God knew what he was doing, but I had no clue.

This Monday Jerod, Elizabeth, and Idrove across town to see his new classroom. As we got closer to an area of town I am seldom in, God spoke to my heart that we were not going to be able to ignore the needs of His children. I then knew that whatever God’s purpose for Jerod’s teaching at Parkway, it is significant. We have the opportunity to know and love some students that we would have otherwise never met. Wow, I guess God does know what He is doing even when I can’t see the whole picture.

Has anyone else had “wow” moments with God? I know that when we get to hear about each others’ “wow” God moments that they can be encouraging to others.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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