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Happy Thursday, ya’ll! Today we are blessed with words from Sue Parrish, Kacey Steven’s aunt. While I’ve never had the chance to meet Sue, I’ve enjoyed getting to know her through her comments she has shared in the past and what she is sharing with us today here on Still Waters. Thanks, Sue!

Imagine you’re a wealthy, well-known and well-liked rancher.  Your foreman rushes into your living room to tell you all the barns have been blown away by a tornado. While he’s talking, another guy rushes in to tell you all the livestock is gone…blown away or drowned…none left!  While he’s still talking about it, a neighbor rushes in to tell you he heard on the news about a bomb going off at the school…all your children have been killed! 

 What would your reaction be? Job mourned…he cried…he questioned God…but he did not curse God.  Job’s friends urged him to confess all the sins he had committed…obviously God was displeased by some infraction of the rules. His wife nagged him incessantly! She mocked his faith, she blamed Job and she urged him to just let it all go and die.  Job even reached the point he prayed for death, too…he was sick, covered in boils, bleeding, and in great pain.  He finally told his wife, “Though He slay me, yet I trust Him”. 

 Yes, Job lamented his troubles. But he knew that he had not sinned to the point of this much judgment. He just kept hoping for an answer from God.  I wonder if I would have that much faith in the midst of so much turmoil and loss…would I still just trust in God, no matter what?  I guess that’s the key phrase here, “no matter what…”

 When things are good, we thank God. When things get hard, we go to Him for help, and wait for the cavalry to arrive…for things to get better or for God to make sense of some awful situation.  But what if he doesn’t? What happens to our faith when, instead of a miraculous healing, a child dies?  What do we do when we don’t win the lottery, but end up losing our house due to foreclosure? Can we still say, “Lord, I trust you, no matter what.  Even if I lose everything – children, spouse, home, job – or if I find out I have cancer – I still trust you…that it will be okay someday, someway, somehow…if not here, then when we meet face to face, but I KNOW it will…because you are GOD.”

 When God answered Job, it was with a million questions!  All pointing out the fact of how little Job knew, and just how vast and detailed God’s knowledge was.  Job’s reaction was to slap his hand over his mouth, and just keep silent. (Can’t you imagine that!)

 But Job did get an answer…and what if we don’t?

 We will STILL trust Him…no matter what.

 God is good…all the time, no matter what.

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Happy Thursday to everyone! I promise I did not bribe her, but Micki Jackson has a post to share with us today! I’m sure I’m not the only one that is super excited to have Micki and her hubby back with us in Lubbock at the Springs! Without further ado, here is Micki:

Okay, so over the past couple of month I have felt sorry that Cathryn has had to come up with something every week to keep the blog going for the summer.  I have experience in this area, but it was in the coffee/bagel department. Here’s the scenario: There are a few people sitting around a table at a fun “get-together” function, and the greatest idea hits a few people, and they decide to take action. In my story that idea was, “instead of just having coffee on Sunday mornings, let’s have bagels too”. This led to me cutting bagels into two halves on Sunday mornings for almost an entire year. It stretched me a bit, and forced me to dig deep for the gift of hospitality (a gift that it not in my top three).

I was like so many of you at the beginning of this blog.  I was going to jump on the computer every week to see what was new and exciting.  To see what God had placed in someones heart to share with the group.  But then, you know what happened…Life.  For so many of us life has happened.  So this morning, I got on the blog and saw Cathryn’s plea for more sharing. I started to think about what this blog was created for. It was created to share our lives; the good, the bad, and the ugly. So here is my life:

Most of you know me, some of you only know me as Vicki and Mike’s daughter, and some don’t know me from Eve.  About 3 years ago I moved from Lubbock to Chattanooga, TN to be closer to the man that I was dating. He and I had been friends for a long time, and we were exploring whether or not we were suppose to be more.  On June 1, 2008, I pulled into town, turned up Hilltop Street, and in the middle of the street, at the top of the hill, was the man I now call my husband.  Over the past 3 years, God has provided great things for me(us).  He provided a job, that even though I didn’t like it, I had it.  He provided a house, that fell into our laps, merely days before my parents were to leave my dog in Texas because I had no place for her.  He provided a family.  We had (still have) great friends, and a wonderful church family, that made being 18 hours from my own family much easier.  It was a wonderful life in Tennessee.

Then, God started to talk.  He was subtle about the fact that he was releasing us from Chattanooga.  And, since we all know subtle doesn’t always work, God began to talk a little bit louder.  The band that Ken was in decided to disband (due to new births in the families of 2 of the players).  We both became more disheartened about our working situations.  And, God started to well up within me my calling to finish my nursing degree. Of course worry also began to set in.  Where will we live?  Where will we go to church? What we will we do to pay the bills? And God reminded us, “I will provide”.

It became evident that He was moving us back to Lubbock. Once Lubbock was in our sites we began to look for housing, and God provide a home. We moved back and into our home on June 30th. On July 3rd we attended the Springs, and have been assured that we have a place to belong. We are now standing on the promise that God will provide us with jobs, as we are in the middle of looking for jobs. And, that’s where our life is. We are standing still in the promise the God will provide.

” ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart’.”  Jeremiah 29:11-13 

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First off I would like to congratulate Kacey and Dallas Stevens on the arrival of Ellasyn Joy! She is such a beautiful promise, and I am certainly excited to rejoice with the Stevens and their family.

Secondly, as always we would really, really, really (am I sounding desperate enough) love to have anything you have to share on the blog with us. We could use an injection of a fresh voice!. We all have stories to share, and I ask that you listen to your heart if God is nudging you to send something our way. You can send it to springsstillwaters@gmail.com.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer. I could personally go for a little more rain, but I’ve enjoyed a trip to Idaho and lots of family time. Along with our summer fun and general daily chaos, sweet Elizabeth and I have been out of our routine. Top that off with cutting eye teeth and molars and you have a recipe for some serious tantrums.

Elizabeth has always been a very happy child. She is charming and very social. Even at 15 months old, her personality is so precious and fun. But get this girl off her regular bedtime of 7 PM, add the pain of teething and she turns into Miss Grumpypants. I kid you not; it happens right before your eyes.

A couple weeks ago, Jerod, Elizabeth and I were in our study which functions as Jerod’s man cave with XBox/my craft room/family computer room. At this particular time, Elizabeth decided that she had a desperate need to pull everything off of my desk, including my scissors, pens, paper cutter and fabric. As I pulled her hands away from these items, and told her the usual, “No touch, Elizabeth. That is not for you.” She promptly plopped on her behind with her legs in a straddle, threw her head to the floor between her legs and cried the most pitiful little cry. Jerod and I could not help but laugh. Poor thing just looked too darn cute.

Well, the teeth keep coming, and we continue to experience the occasional or frequent (depending on the day) fits. They really aren’t tantrums at this point; I know she’s saving those for when she gets older. But none the less, I have had an opportunity to enroll in “Throwing Fits 101”, and Elizabeth is a master teacher. Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • The fit is usually thrown when the fit-thrower is denied access to dangerous and possibly deadly objects/areas. Ex: knives, scissors, street access during July 4th Parade, etc.
  • The fit-thrower is completely unaware of the peril he/she has been spared as is obvious by the screams and bodily protest. (Elizabeth has mastered what I call the “jelly-arms”. When I try to pick her up, her shoulders seem to disappear into her body with her arms raised above her head so that I can only grip her by her torso. This is usually accompanied by the classic backwards-head-throw.)
  • The fit-thrower is never grateful for the protection rendered by the “party-pooper-parent/guardian”, again made obvious by the screams and bodily protest.

I’ve learned a lot so far and expect there will be more lessons for me to observe in the future, but for now, I’ve begun to recognize that, while a grown adult, I have had my share of fits and even tantrums. Unfortunately, these are between me and God. He’s seen some pretty epic tantrums from me lately.

I’m having to take a few giant steps back to see that He is keeping me from having that which I would only harm myself with. *Sigh* I’m pretty sure I’ve even pulled some “jelly-arms” maneuvers while He tries to keep me from danger. It’s a really tough habit to break because, like mother like daughter, I think I know what’s best and usually want my way. So I’m working on trusting that my Daddy-God is my ultimate protector, and He only wants what is good and perfect for me. It’s a process that I am practicing each moment, but learning how to trust God instead of throwing fits is well worth the effort.

Have a blessed day,


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