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Giveaway Winner

Happy Monday morning to everyone!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know mine was filled with wonderful time with family. I love birthday party weekends in my family. There is no end to the good food and fun. Five words: chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake. Need I say more?

Well, after our random number generator drawing, I am happy to announce the winner of our giveaway. It is…..Lauren Childress!!! Congrats, Lauren, and enjoy some mafia queso for me! We’ll get the Orlando’s gift certificate, donated by Home and Family Magazine, to you soon so you can enjoy some fabulous Italian food!

Y’all look for another blog post later this week. If anyone has something they would like to share on the blog, something God’s been nudging you about, send it to springsstillwaters@gmail.com. Maybe someone has something to share after their experience with “The Event” and the stories shared at The Springs Fellowship this weekend. Our stories along with the work of the Holy Spirit are powerful!

Have a blessed day and week overflowing in an abundance of joy!



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Giveaway Day

Good evening, everyone! Today we have a fabulous giveaway donated by Home and Family Magazine. (Thanks, Melody!) It is a $20 gift certificate to Orlando’s Italian Restaurant. All you have to do is reply in the comments section to the following question:

What is your favorite memory from this summer?

That’s it! You have from now until 9 PM Sunday, August 27 to respond. We’ll use a random number generator to determine a winner and announce that lucky person on Monday.

I also want to say good luck to all of those teachers, counselors, administrators and students returning to school this week. Especially to the teachers, counselors and administrators (and their families), I’d like to say thank you for all the many sacrifices you make and the love you have for your students.

Have a full and blessed week!


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It’s Thursday? Really? When did that happen? Well, whatever day it is, I’m glad that Shauna Baughcum is sharing with us today! Shauna shares a lesson she learned from her daughter, Kymber. Thanks for sharing with us, Shauna! Remember, if you have something that you would like to share on the blog, email it to springsstillwaters@gmail.com. Without further ado, here is Shauna:

I have known for a while now that I was to write this blog to share with people but never seemed to find the time.  God has an amazing way of letting you know “enough and it’s time.” 

If you don’t know me you probably know my two beautiful daughters, Katelyn and Kymber.  Once you have kids you are rarely known by your own name. If you have not met Kymber let me give a very short and brief history of her.  She was born with a rare chromosome, and we were told that she would never live.  She is now 11 years old.  Now fast forward to this spring.  I got a frantic phone call from my mom “I think Kym has taken a bunch of my medicines and I don’t know what.  What should I do?  She won’t tell us.  What do I do?”  My first reaction was, “Hang up and dial 911-who’s the mom here?”, but once I realized that would not make things better, I told her James and I would be right there.  When we arrived at my parents, Kym was acting a little weird and had medication residue all in her hair and around her mouth.  We put her in the car and took her to UMC.  Let’s just say I know now how to get triaged at the Emergency Room really FAST.  You say, “This is my special needs daughter and here is a BOX of possible medications she may or may not have taken, but we know for fact that the Ambien and blood pressure medicine were new prescriptions and these are the empty bottles.”  And we are off to the trauma room. 

People running in and out, yelling, wrapping her up to restrain her, six grown people TRYING to hold Kymber down. Tubes being put down her mouth, but she won’t let them, doctor yelling “we got to pump now”, tube down her nose, pump on machine not working so every time they put saline down her to pump her stomach she gagged, vomit all over everybody in the room, the room is at 99 degrees,  her daddy at her head, and me at her feet and every time she could get a breath crying to “goppp”  (that is her STOP).  She was scared and I could see in her eyes, not pained but scared.  And then the resident kicked the machine and yelled some words and the pump started working.  Next was the charcoal down and pump it back up.  In all an experience that we as grown adults would be still crying about. 

Once the pump started working Kym was flirting with the male medical student and peace came over her.  She was smiling at people and trying to talk.   As soon as it was all done Kym got off the table HUGGED the nurse who had shoved the tube down her throat and then said “I Love You”.  Then hugged everybody else in the room and did her “wooohhh”. (If you have been around her you know the sound.)  When she did this I was still MAD because the pump wasn’t working and we were going to be admitted but the room was ready, and I hadn’t eaten, and blah…blah…blah….. I remember stopping and thinking “Wow-Shauna grow up.  This kid just got off the table from people doing crazy stuff to her, and she is hugging them and saying I love you.”  What I learned that night and try to remember every day is “let it go”.  The baggage, hurt feelings, wrong doings, just “GET OFF THE TABLE-HUG THEM and say I LOVE YOU.”  It is the least we can do because we all know that is what God does with us every day.  And every day after that……………

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