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You know we’ve been practicing naming the things we are thankful for, right?  Well, I am very glad that I live in a time without kid-eating dinosaurs…read on and you’ll see why.


In our house, Abby has always been the crazy animal person.  Anyone who has visited knows she sometimes has weird pets.  Right now, she has 2 bearded dragons and 1 rescued wiener dog named Rainee Deigh.  We have another dog – a present to me one Valentine’s Day from Dallas – named Rosie Mae. 


Will felt left out and wanted a pet he could call his own.  Being pregnant and about to bring another person into our house, I was not in the mood for another dog.  So, for his 8th birthday back in April, Will got a pet hamster.  He was so proud.  He named her “Hershey” – because she’s a her and she was brown, like chocolate.  Isn’t he so clever? 


So Hershey lives in Will’s room.  Will takes pretty good care of her – he changes her bedding himself (when I remind him) and he feeds her and makes sure she has water.  He also takes her out and lets her get exercise and play in her little exercise ball.  There are days when Hershey comes rolling down the hall all by herself and she will just wander all over the house.  Quite amusing really.


Well, on Friday, after we got home from Thanksgiving, Abby – being the animal lover that she is – decides Hershey needs exercise.  She puts her in her exercise ball without Will’s permission.  Abby also had let the dogs back into the house to feed them.  Abby then got busy…


Well, let’s just say that our sweet, mischievious Rainee was intrigued by the little ball rolling all over the house…and by the creature in it.


As I sat on the couch feeding Ella, Rainee jumps up next to me- with Hershey IN HER MOUTH. 


Much chaos ensued after that.  Dallas somehow rescued poor Hershey from the grasp of Rainee’s teeth.  He was pretty sure she was a goner, but knew it was going to cause much wailing and gnashing of teeth (no pun intended!) in our house…so he gently put her back in her cage.  And…Will.was.not.happy.


Dallas tells Will “It’s not Rainee’s fault!  She’s just doing what dogs do, man!”



Dallas then had to go break the news to Abby.  She was devastated.  I mean truly torn up and her heart was breaking.  There were tears and “it’s all my fault!” and offers to buy a new hamster (followed up by requests to borrow money to pay for said new hamster)…


Dallas talks to Abby – “Abby, you learned a lesson.  Lessons are hard sometimes.  We all make mistakes.  I’ve made them as a parent….luckily for you, there were no giant dinosaurs roaming around to carry you off in their mouths when I messed up!” 


Great, babe…way to break up the intense moments with humor. 


As I’ve thought about this little incident in our house that will be remembered as the Thanksgiving when Rainee tried to eat Hershey, I WAS actually grateful that mistakes I’ve made as a parent haven’t resulted in my kids getting carried off in the mouths of some carnivorous dinosaur (literally and figuratively).  I got to thinking about consequences to not only our poor choices, but oftentimes to just not paying attention to the relationships or gifts God has given us – not doing anything in the affirmative to hurt them, but hurting then all the same by not investing in or nurturing that relationship.


This Christmas season, I don’t want the “busyness” to take over. I don’t want the stress of all of the Christmas activities or the list of gifts to buy or anything else to take away from what (and who) God has placed in my life today, in this very moment.   I want to invest and spend time with the people I love.  I want to nurture and appreciate God’s gifts of even the smallest things.  I want to do what I can to help others to experience the overwhelming love of our Lord.   I want to truly experience the “Joy” to the world that God intended when He gave us the greatest gift of all – Jesus.  And I want that for you, too….


Update:  In follow up, believe it or not – Hershey is still alive and kicking.  It was touch and go for a few hours there, but as of this morning, Will was still a pet owner.  And apparently I don’t have as good of a knack for humor as my husband – I don’t think Abby found it too funny when I referred to Rainee as “Killer”….

– Kacey

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In Every Moment


Melody repinned this recently on www.pinterest.com and it caught my attention.  As we head into Thanksgiving week next week, I want to remember this.  I want, in every moment, to remember to thank God.  I want to be able to hold time still and live, really live, in the present – to look around me and to see all of the gifts God has given me right in that moment and to THANK him for those gifts.


Those of you on our recent women’s retreat heard all about living fully right where we are by making note of the gifts God has given us – by being specific in listing those things that bring us joy- those things that are gifts from our father’s heart to us through “eucharisteo” – the act of thanks. Cathryn shared with us beautifully from a book called “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. 


Beginning in January, we are going to explore this even more.  For the women of The Springs (and any others that want to join us), we will be reading “One Thousand Gifts” together – chapter by chapter – and then getting together weekly to talk about one chapter at a time – our own “book club”.  We want this to be a time when we can begin to support each other in our search for finding true God-given joy, for living right where we are.  There will be 2 groups – a weekday morning group and a weekday evening group.  More details will come later…


If you would like a copy of the book to get a head start, I have a few left at only $5/each.  Let me know and I’ll make sure you have one.  However, please note – if you don’t get around to reading the chapter in the book that’s being discussed that week, come anyways.  You will be able to discern the topic from the discussion and I know the time with other women in community seeking God’s heart will bless you. 


Make plans now to join us in the spring.

– Kacey

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Hope Overflowing

Happy Friday morning, everyone! So I am loving this cool fall weather. Every year as the air gets chillier, I just can’t help but smile. There is something about the fall and holiday season that I absolutely love. I know spring is traditionally considered the time of renewal as everything turns green and comes to life again. It is the time we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. However, there is something about fall and celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas that feels like renewal to me. For me it is a time of renewed hope.

This week, I’ve been listening to Michael W. Smith’s Christmas album: It’s a Wonderful Christmas. (I know some people, including my husband, have firm feelings against anything Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I consider Christmas music to be holiday music, and I am allowed beginning the first of November. I won’t get out Christmas decorations, but I will listen to the music.) So November 1, I pulled out my Christmas CD’s (so I may have fudged this year and began listening to a couple of Christmas CD’s in October, but I resisted in pulling out all my CD’s until November. 🙂 ) and I put in this album to listen to while Elizabeth and I played. About half of this album is instrumental, so it is perfect for our playtime. As we played and listened I was struck by one of the songs. It actually made my soul well up inside me and overflow into tears. When the song ended, I played it again. And again. And again. As I listened I discovered what so attracted me. This song, entitled Song for the King, sounds like victory in the midst of darkness.

This song made me feel renewed hope. Hope…what a sweet gift. As I danced with Elizabeth this morning, listening to this song, I was taken back to another November. Thanksgiving week, 9 years ago, when I went on my first date with the young man that would become my husband. God gave me hope then in a time I felt so completely along.  And then I was taken to a more recent November, 2 years ago, when I felt Elizabeth’s first tiny movements inside my womb. Physically feeling the reality of her existence and creation and hope to see her sweet face. I can look back to those times and see how God worked so perfectly in His plan even when I doubted, and I can know that even now, when some parts of my life just don’t make sense, that as God was faithful then, He is faithful now. He has given me hope in Him…and I don’t doubt, I hope. I allow myself to be overwhelmed by the truth that even in brokenness and darkness, God has victory and is to be praised. Today I overwhelmingly thankful for His Hope.

Today I pray that as you feel the cool air on your cheek the warm cup of hot chocolate in your hands that you will also feel the hope of the Lord fill you up no matter your circumstances. Whatever you face, no matter how big or small, you can hope in Him because as He has been faithful in the past, He will be faithful now.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” –Romans 15:13

Here’s the song: Song for the King by Michael W. Smith

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