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So, when we, as the women of The Springs, started the book club on “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp, our intention was to get someone different each week to talk about the chapter we were discussing on the blog to share with others who may not have made it to book club – as you can see, we haven’t exactly got that off the ground yet….


But, tonight, as I just got home from discussing Chapter 3 with some pretty awesome ladies, God’s impressing upon me to sit down at my trusty keyboard and talk…er, type.


Chapter 3 introduces us to this idea of making a list of one thousand things we love…and in doing so, you are naming those things, giving God thanks for them, and acknowledging His heart in creating them…This chapter has a TON of great stuff in it, a TON – but tonight, as I sit here, I’m sharing with you where God is stirring me….


As I’ve been on this crazy eucharisteo/joy journey, I have found myself getting a much more intimate, up-close view of God’s heart – how God knows me so well, how He loves me so very much that He has taken the time to create these things on my gift list that bring a smile to my face and then goes to the trouble of placing them in my life! This idea, this thought that He knows me so intimately that He KNOWS the smells, the colors, the simple small things that make my heart smile….well, that blows me away and makes me fall even more head over heels in love with our Savior. 


I know of no other way to put it than to just say – it is beautiful. 


He is beautiful…


His heart is beautiful…


So what about you ladies?  Anyone else have thoughts from Chapter 3 to share?

– Kacey

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