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And the winner is…

Thank you to everyone who posted their favorite Christmas traditions!!  I think reading everyone’s traditions has been one of my favorite giveaway questions yet!!

And now – drum roll please – the winner is:


Random Number Generated:  3

Winner:  Missy Caporale


Woo hoo, Missy!!  Enjoy!


I hope everyone has had a very merry Christmas!  See you in 2013!

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Well, it’s been awhile, friends!!  How’s everybody doing out there?  How’s life?


Life for me has been a little cra-cra….(a/k/a CA-RAZY!) Christmas 2012 has just done gone right up and snuck up on me.  How does that happen?  We all know how the Christmas season can seem to just pile extra “to do’s” on us and how simple things (like getting a can of frosting for my son’s class Christmas party – working on it, Ms. Sewell, I promise!) can be a casualty of a list of things to do that just STRESSES us out! 


And don’t even get me started about work.  Clients are worried and freaked out and that translates into lots of work for us – all on a deadline of getting it done before the end of the year.  One giant stress storm in our offices right now.


We all just need to chill out a bit….


Well, for at least one of you out there, we can offer a teeny little bit of help…Melody Dawes and HOME&FAMILYMAGAZINE have kindly donated a ONE HOUR MASSAGE for a giveaway!!!  WOOO to the HOOO!!!  It’s from massage therapist Katherine Irwin.  She works out of Global Health Chiropractic Clinic–North at 4716-4th St. inside the Compass Bank building.  Who couldn’t use a nice one hour massage?


So – if you would like to find yourself relaxing and enjoying that massage, here’s what you do…answer the question I’m about to give you in the comments section below before Saturday, Dec 22nd, 10 a.m.  We will then use a random numbers generator and whoever’s comment matches up to the number will win!!  How easy is that?  Just think!  You could be nice and relaxed in no time!


Here’s your Christmas themed question:


What is one of your favorite Christmas traditions ?  It can be something global – like singing Christmas songs – or something more personalized, like a tradition your family has that’s unique to you!   You pick…


When my kids were really little, I used to think – we don’t have any family Christmas traditions for our little family of 4.  I would just scratch my head and couldn’t come up with any.  Then, as Abby and Will got a little older, they started asking every year about things we had done the year before…and it hit me – we DO have our own little traditions – from everything to special ornaments we put up, nativities for each of their rooms, to Christmas snacks we like to make.  One of my most favorite family traditions of late is that Dallas, Abby, Will and I go and volunteer at the South Plains Food Bank every December.  Sometimes we have packed boxes for giveaway, sometimes we have just gone through MOUNTAINS of cans of green beans to mark out the barcodes with a sharpie, but it’s something the 4 of us have done together for the last 3 years and something that I intend for us to do every year…when Ella is old enough to not want to eat everything she sees, she will join us. And maybe someday my grandchildren will join us, too.


Another favorite Christmas tradition of mine is a rowdy game of “white elephant” Christmas at my extended family get together…it gets rowdy, let me tell you.  And we always wonder who will end up with things like “the pea pillow” or the actual “white elephant” or the NSync doll – just some of the many wacky things that show up for a recurring re-gift each year.  So many laughs and such awesome memories with my aunts, uncles, and cousins. 


Now it’s your turn.  What’s some of your favorite Christmas traditions?  Let’s hear it!



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