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Heavenly Reality Checks

Sometimes God has ways of just bringing you back to reality, doesn’t he? When I get all up inside my own head and lose sight of the important stuff, a gentle reminder sometimes doesn’t do…


A few weeks ago, Dallas and I were driving home with the kids from what I would classify as a pretty rough evening.  Rough as in emotionally hard stuff.  Rough as in our hearts hurt.  The radio was on the Rangers game, as always.  It was late.  My mind was going in so many directions and replaying everything and picking up blame and guilt and hurt and all kinds of things the enemy was trying to throw in my path.


The radio was just white noise for me.  I wasn’t really paying attention to what was happening in the game.


Then, God smacks me in the head.


I hear from the backseat “SUCK IT, ANGELS!”


Yes, friends.  My sweet William.  My sweet William and his passion for Texas Rangers baseball.  My sweet William who rarely says a mean thing to anyone, who opens the door for young and old, who teaches his baby sister how to skip rocks.  My sweet William’s potty mouth brought me right back to earth.


While I will admit, it’s a good day when the Rangers can beat the Angels in a walk-off in the 9th inning, his little proclamation brought me right back into momma mode – back into the real world and what God has laid right in front of me – you see, the biggest job God has called me to is being momma to 3 beautiful little treasures of His.  That’s what God has set in front of me right now.  All of the circumstances of this other stuff swirling around me was preventing me from keeping my eyes focused forward. Dwelling on things that I cannot change does nothing but steal my attention from what God has for me in the present. If I let it consume me, I would be missing out on the new things God has before me, I’d be missing out on the joys – both big and small – that God has lovingly and purposefully brought into my life.


Talk about your heavenly reality check.

Since that night – when God used Will’s passion for baseball (and his potty mouth) to get my attention – He has constantly been finding ways to remind me to keep my eyes forward, looking ahead, looking and anticipating what He has for me, for my family.  He has been reminding me again and again to run the race He has set before me, to give my attention to what He has called me to in this moment…


And yes, Will was reprimanded.  And so was his daddy.


What has He called you to in this moment – for this day – sweet ones?  Are you focusing on those things or on hurts or disappointments or lies from the enemy?  Let’s put our focus and our eyes ahead of us, to the One who lights up the way.  


– Kacey

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