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Today, Desirae Culp shares with us an important word on who we really are!!!  





Be the gong ringer.


Sounds funny & was something I almost laughed with my friends about.


But then as I watched her sit on the sidelines (of a symphony if that’s possible) only standing to do her part, I realized I feel a lot like the gong player a lot of the time.


Over looked, sidelined, with a very small part to play.


Except her part is important & a lot of times I wonder if mine is.


Deep down I know it is.  There’s a podcast with Emily Freeman & Christa Black from the IF gathering that I can’t get out of my head. In the last 2 min, Christa talks about the legacy she wants to leave behind. & it’s a surprising one to me.  The legacy she wants to leave behind is that she wants to be known as someone who operates out of I John 4:19  -a person who operates out of how much she is loved – that everything she does flows from knowing she is the beloved.


Ladies – isn’t it time we operate out of love & stopped operating out of what other people think? Afraid of what other people will say? Paralyzed by our own expectations of ourselves?


We (ie. I) set this impossibly high standard & then are disappointed when I don’t “measure up” & assume that God & everyone else is disappointed in me too. THAT’S NOT TRUTH!!!


I’m doing a study in proverbs & one of the verses that has resonated says (basically) that lies last for a moment but truth lasts forever. (Pro 12:19)


Listen to me- I know I’m young in a lot of ways but I know this surer than I know my name. If we don’t come to a place of truth & vulnerability we will not walk in freedom. I’m not saying everyone you meet needs to know every single thing going on in your life, but I am saying that someone needs to.  Christa also said secrecy breeds shame & I believe that to be true.


Let me speak some truth:

You are immeasurably loved.

You are created wholly & specifically the way you are,

You are delighted in!

You are treasured, You are fought for, You are worth so much more than I can tell you.

So as summer hits & the whole world goes crazy trying to fit everything into no set schedule whatsoever, take some time to find a friend, to have a glass of tea & get vulnerable with someone, to soak in being loved instead of being measured, & then LIVE that out because the world needs new creations that know they are beloved..


 – Desirae

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