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Today, Desirae Culp is sharing with us a great word that God has shown her lately and that could apply to each and every one of us….thanks, Desi, for being transparent and real with us!!  


“A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart &

an evil man brings evil things put of the evil stored in his heart.


 – Luke 6:45


A client informed me this week of a conversation that she had with another mom. This other mom had told her that 2 words she didn’t let her kids say were:

  • Bored (which I totally understood-that was a word we weren’t allowed to say growing up either!); and
  • TIRED!!!

I might have looked at my client like she was crazy. Why on earth would this lady not let her kids say they were tired?? I asked my client if I heard her correctly & she said yup! She said she didn’t want her children speaking that as a word curse over themselves, because speaking “tired” over oneself becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I think about how i feel when I  say “I’m tired” vs “I’m happy” and….

So as I let that soak into my brain a little & talked with some mentors about it, I came to some major conclusions.


Pretty sure I say “I am tired” so many times every day.

Think about this – breaking that sentence down in a simple grammatical style – tired is defining the word “I”.

If you think about how The Lord defines himself, it is simply I AM. Any word after that speaks to His character.

We are made in His image & are chasing after His heart & redefining ourselves by His character & we are walking in destiny & purpose. So in defining ourselves, I’m pretty darn sure “tired” is not part of His character, part of His heart for us, or part of our destiny….

So in the last few weeks since I’ve heard this I’ve watched my language. The 2 things I’ve definitely never wanted to define me are “busy” & “tired”. However, those are the 2 things I speak over myself ALL THE TIME! What?!? Yup! So I’m not only speaking those over myself but defining myself to others by those words! SO NOT OK!
Now hear me, I’m not saying that I don’t feel tired sometimes, or that sometimes my schedule gets a little on the crazy side. I will not go into the semantics & debate of what words are appropriate & try to put down rules of what we should or should not say. I’m saying that for me, in my life, I want to speak blessing over myself & others, & not cursing because we have the power to do that. (Proverbs 18:21)


So I personally have decided to change the wording of “I am busy” to “my life is full”. I’m trying to only use the word tired when it’s a feeling & not a state of being. I’ve come to find that it’s so much more of a heart issue than I originally thought…


One of my very dear friends made a comment earlier this week about having grace for someone.  Our prayer as we ended our conversation was that our speech be full of grace. As she prayed that, I realized that lately my speech has not been full of grace – for myself or for others. So this becomes a different type of prayer for me – God change my heart, so that my talk may change as well…
So my question to you ladies today is this – what are you speaking over yourself?

 – Desirae                                                 

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