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Hello, ladies of The Springs Fellowship! I had something on my heart that I wanted to share with you, and I thought this blog format we’ve used in the past would be a great way to do so. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

– Cathryn Wrightwoman

I had grand Kingdom plans for our new venture in Tahoka. I had a second chance as a football coach’s wife, and I had a better attitude, much more confidence and a greater understanding of the need for kindness, grace and honesty among women. I was going to build relationship with these coaches’ wives; our family was going to move to Tahoka, embrace small town life, have play dates, help out our neighbors, and I would be a women of grace and honesty, willing to admit that I occasionally leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight, get impatient with my children, and hide in my locked bathroom while eating brownie batter because I don’t want to share. I would take the place God had put us and be everything that I could possibly be! I would give women courage and hope!

None of this happened. A truly crazy series of events ended our house selling in Lubbock and buying in Tahoka just days before closing. My kids were sick so much during football season that I hardly made it out to the games to spend time with the other wives and build relationship, and when I did go, I felt left out, although that had way more to do with my insecurities than anything else. I had the “official” coach’s wife shirt, but I was not “in”. I felt hurt and disappointed. I had been willing to really jump in to this new community, and I felt so shut out. After a little pity party, I decided that I would be friendly no matter what. I would take the few opportunities (mostly on Facebook) to be honest, encourage, and gracious. I would pray for them and do what I could. My mom is always saying “as far as it depends on me…” (Romans 12:18 “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”) So as far as it depended on me, I tried.

When the school year ended, and we knew Jerod would not be returning to Tahoka, I figured it was for the best. Nothing had worked out like I had hoped. My grand Kingdom plans to bringing Christ’s Kingdom to our little part of the Tahoka had fallen flat. We moved on. Jerod got a new position in a new district. We were very pleased, and hoped it will be a good fit. We don’t regret our time in Tahoka. We met good people and Jerod had a good year. We knew God had a reason for our being there and a reason for our leaving, but we could only guess at it.

Then today, July 21, while thinking about the beginning of a new football season in a new district and a new group of coaches’ wives to meet and navigate, I get a complete shock. I received a Facebook message from a coach’s wife in Tahoka. One that I thought had hardly noticed me. She wrote, that a lady in the store patted her on the back and said to “keep it up” while her preschooler was throwing a fit and her infant began crying. She said that the lady’s sweet spirit and calm words in the middle of chaos reminded her of me, and, she didn’t know why, but she thought I needed to know that. My jaw dropped. I was completely and utterly shocked, flabbergasted, bewildered and gob smacked.

My Kingdom plans may have failed. I never got to do the cookie exchange I had planned or buy the other wives copies of 1000 Gifts. But God’s Kingdom plans succeeded. He did work I never intended in ways I never imagined. And through this I was encouraged not to let the insecurities I feel keep me from the many unexpected places God has directed my life, from the medical team we’ve amassed with Grant’s “struggles” to the numerous jobs Jerod has had as he has found his way.

Even when my life looks like failure after failure and bad luck after bad luck, God is able to make it success and victory in His Kingdom even if it’s not really success and victory in my personal life. I know that God works all things for the good of those who love Him. Sometimes we see the good in our own lives, and other times we have to know that He uses the years of “failure” and “bad luck” to further his Kingdom and not necessarily my personal success.

I’m learning daily that to live in my Kingdom purpose means to live with the eyes of my heart fully focused on God, not on what grand Kingdom event I can plan or carry out, but to simply be a vessel, a flawed vessel made whole in Him, and to walk in the path He lays before me even when it makes no sense. As far as it depends on me…I will be faithful and let God take care of the rest.

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