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It has been 6 months since anything was shared on this blog. I wish I had some profound reason to give you for this. All I can say is that personally, I have been somewhat in a “crawl in my hole” place and have been struggling and wrestling with God on my own personal effectiveness in ministry and, as a result, I haven’t had alot to “give” for this blog. I’m sorry, sweet ladies. I’m sorry if I have dropped the ball. I believe in this blog. I believe that God can and wants to use it as a way for us to minister to each other. Thankfully, God speaks to us through others sometimes…and one of the most beautiful souls that I know awakened me from my self-pity a bit yesterday. Whitney McClendon has a powerful word to share with us this week….a word that I needed to hear.

– Kacey

Here’s Whitney:

“In September 2012, I was on maternity leave and during my last two weeks off the Lord began to reveal a new passion and purpose in my life. The more He revealed to me, the more I realized this is not my purpose but a concept to be adopted and implemented by the body of Christ. 10 months later, I’m sharing this with you and that is 10 months too late. It has transformed my life and changed how I see everything. Some of this was written back in September and now I have finished it. So it begins… praying for the surrender and freedom for anyone who reads this.

I have struggled with feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness most of my life…being “enough” never fulfilled itself.

I come from a family of wonderful women – women who strongly love and live solely for the Lord, but that does not erase or minimize struggle, nor should it hide the enemy’s tactics. I do not know the generation it originated from, but there has been a stronghold of unworthiness that has transferred from generation to generation. T

here are greater details in my testimony. However, He has given me pieces of my life to share so the urgency of this plan can be understood and then acted upon.

In 2002, I was a junior in high school and I went on a Chrysalis (retreat) that ignited my life. I felt so close to the Lord I became prideful and a few months later began the outward manifestation of image and control issues. Anorexia and bulimia plagued my life, which linked in further permission given to the enemy. He controlled me by polluting my thoughts and constantly tainted my self-worth, but he was only able to do so through my permission and choices that allowed him to “win” that moment. I wonder how my life would have changed had I not accepted his lies?

He “won” many moments and I struggled with anorexia and bulimia for the next five years, but it was different in 2007. I was a freshman at Tech and living in the dorms. I remember feeling a sense of satisfaction, as I stared into the toilet bowl. Sitting on the dorm bathroom floor (gross), with my finger stuck down my throat, it had never felt so good to throw up my food.

That’s when I knew a change needed to come.

I began to “take control” of the bulimia, however, through my choices and disbelief of who the Lord made me to be, a different kind of manifestation originated. Every time I worried (which was frequently) I was sick to my stomach and threw up. I could literally pinpoint the exact time I would throw up and could make myself throw up at any time. I had always justified my actions by saying, “I don’t do it after every meal” or “she has it way worse than I do.” It all originated from justified lies that stemmed from comparison, unworthiness, and inadequacy. But why? Where did they originate?

Any Christian knows or needs to know there are familiar struggles among believers. The same reigns true with women. The enemy does not invent new areas of attack – he hits women (and men too) in the areas he knows will work because they have worked since the fall in the garden. Think about it; imagine the unworthiness and inadequacy Eve felt when she gave in to the enemy. Furthermore, after Adam and Eve’s confession “Adam said the woman you gave me did it…” thus establishing strongholds of victimization and removal of responsibility. It is cyclical. It has not been redeemed, which has created generational bondage.

I heard Andy Andrews speak at a conference recently who simply put “thinking leads to choices, which facilitates actions that influence culture.” We have used “culture” as an excuse in not warring against these generational strongholds. Andy said “we cannot gain control of our choices before we gain control of our thinking.”

He continued “you will either create a culture or acquiesce to one.”

Why has it become culturally acceptable for every woman to struggle with identity issues or self-worth? It is time to conquer this and not acquiesce to it. You are worth it!!!

At the same conference, Christine Caine stated “there is a generation in the ditches of life because people have not been good stewards of their lives.” We are the ones who have the opportunity to be good stewards of people’s lives growing up after us, but we have to know who we are in Him in order to fully accomplish this.

Christine continued “when our heart stops beating for what God’s heart beats for, what happens to our culture?” God’s heart does not beat for the acceptance of the enemy’s lies. His heart beats for something MUCH greater!

Here this…if this generation, YOUR GENERATION, can be the one that breaks away generational and cultural curses, imagine how we could revolutionize the Kingdom. Break away the chains that bind us and our children to strongholds going back to the beginning of time. You are the one who has to redeem this and then influence generations before and after you.

I made the choice to be whole for Evelyn. I am asking you to make a choice; make the decision for wholeness in order to accept the blessings He has had for you from the beginning of your existence. Even if you do not feel “worthy” do it for those watching you so they do not establish their identities by your struggles. Your sons and daughters will have external influences that you cannot protect them from and they will have to make their own decisions, but it will be easier if they do not have to lug your baggage as well. Remove your baggage, transform your mind and experience freedom.

I do not blame any of this on my family; they are wonderful. The blame is mine for continuing the cycle in believing the lies of the enemy but he will not have permission with my daughter. I can say this with complete affirmation, I am glad I experienced all of this in my life in order to be a part of the freedom movement. IT IS HERE. He wants freedom for you more than you yearn for it.

The Lord is still revealing things to me but I will share with you what He has given me so far:

1) Pray you begin to see how the Father sees you. It is life changing if you can catch even a glimpse of His obsession with you.

2) Pray for your children to understand their identity and have a firm foundation in the truth.

3) Guard your mouth…this teaches your children what healthy looks like. They do not need to hear your thoughts on how “fat, ugly, unworthy or inadequate” you feel because this demonstrates how they are supposed to see themselves. This also trains you to not speak curses over yourself.

4) Do not compare yourself to anyone. He is not comparing you to anyone but Jesus so why do we gauge our purpose/appearance/worth against imperfect people. If you are dissatisfied with your appearance figure out what needs to be done or what healing needs to take place to renovate your mind.

5) Transform your thinking…transform your thinking to His thinking. When you hear the lies, combat it with truth from the Father. Let’s change our culture.

6) Bless yourself. Do not speak curses over yourself. Choose to live by and know the truth.

7) Seek redemption in areas of your life where you gave the enemy permission. If you gave permission in one area, see what other areas of your life are manifesting that permission.

I will protect Evelyn for as long as I can. I want her to know, I WANT YOU TO KNOW, you are beautiful and chosen by the Most High, the One who simply delights in your life. You are a part of many “somebody’s” who make up the body of Christ, but the Lord who knows you and has created you to fulfill something only YOU can do in the Kingdom. The same spirit who resurrected Jesus lives within you.

Wake Up!!!! It is time for the church to arise and fulfill the recent prophecy that our nation is on the cusp of the greatest awakening. Be empowered and know that you are loved…you are beautiful…you are accepted…you are cherished…you are forgiven…you are worth it!!

– Whitney

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Restoration of Hope

A post from our own Whitney McClendon today.  Whitney is being very honest and real with us.  I would encourage you to do the same.  And, Whit – I love you and I love your heart!!!

– Kacey

In what area(s) of your life do you find yourself waiting on the Lord?

Lord Jesus, define me.  Show me where my worth lies.  Through my tantrums, confusion, and disbelief, show me Your glory remains and that You are faithful…

DISCLAIMER: This journey begins long before last year but the fact is I do not want to write a novel…so here is an excerpt or the ‘reader’s digest’ version of the last 18 months of my life.

It has been an interesting season.  The rut has seemed never ending, and the hope to get through it has slipped through my fingers.  Where do I turn from here?  What am I missing?  What am I doing wrong?  What are we going to do come January?  I have been actively looking for a job since last August.  I have a masters degree in Forensic Science, an almost masters degree in Sociology and a 4.0.  I was told I would have so many job offers I wouldn’t know which one to take.  It’s been almost a year and I have been refused, declined, rejected from (whatever word you want to call it) from 10 jobs.  Yesterday, I received the 11th job refusal, and there’s only so much rejection one can take.

This feeling took me back to last September.  I vividly remember walking through campus crying, screaming at and pleading with God, after my husband had been laid off, due to the economy.  It was such a hard time and the wounds of other situations were still present and raw, causing us to bleed all over again.  I felt another promise had been left unfulfilled.  At that moment, I no longer needed to understand why people left the church.  At that moment, I no longer needed to understand why people question His methods or devotion to His children.  I knew too well…I was tired and there was no hope; fulfillment of promises never came; our hearts’ desires lingered.

The song ‘Jireh’ came on my Ipod yesterday as I walked onto campus.  The chorus is , “Jehovah Jireh, won’t you come and give us life.  Jehovah Rapha won’t you come and heal us now.  He will breathe and restore the weary heart.  He will restore our souls.  He will restore our souls.”

As soon as I heard those words, I began to weep.  I can only imagine the thoughts of people around me… “is that girl okay?  Is she convulsing?”  I may not fully live by the words of that song today, but I will say it until I can proclaim it!!!

GOD’S TIMING IS NOT A COINCIDENCE.  We may not enjoy it, but it is not a coincidence.  Throughout our marriage, God has been and maintains to be our provider.  Through financial up and downs God has proven His faithfulness, yet He is the first person I question when something goes wrong.  As of yesterday, I surrendered my hope as it felt stolen and destroyed.  However, He began restoring my hope before I knew I didn’t get the position.  He did this through kind words from my husband, a random gift from someone in my Sociological Theory class (weird), and through some of you.  The hands of God facilitating the restoration of hope in me will never be forgotten.

There are so many of us who are on the same journey and as you know, the process is not easy.  Are you waiting for a purpose…are you waiting for a relationship to heal…are you waiting for fulfillment…are you waiting for an answer… for forgiveness?  He is drawing us nearer to Him for a reason.  We will not understand or have all of the answers.  We will hurt and feel forsaken.  We will hear lies that are much easier to believe than the Truth.  We may choose to remain in seclusion and heed bitterness, but He has better for you.

Women, I have come to tell you the Savior of the world is up to something.  I do not know the extent of what He is doing, but something of greatness is coming.  He has assured this greatness will not only facilitate individual healing and growth, but will be a fulfillment in the Kingdom.  It is going to be hard, but we have to learn to embrace it. I pray abundant Peace finds you today in knowing that we are a part of the greatest picture.  Your struggle is not unnoticed, but has a divine purpose.  Be encouraged to find that purpose, but be prepared to walk in it.  If we are not careful, we will miss it.

And so I ask you again, what are you waiting for?

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He is here…

We are pleased to have Whitney McClendon as part of our Still Waters writing team…thanks, Whitney, for being YOU! Open, raw, honest..and we have little doubt God is at work in all of this!  Without further ado, here’s Whitney:

Here I am…raw and exposed.  Teach me to know you intimately and to know your face.  I want to know YOU and not rely only on my ideas of You, but truly know you and relish in your consistency.  How very great and sovereign You are!
Let’s begin with my confession.  I confess that I have not been available to the women of this church.  I confess pride in my lack of vulnerability.  I confess my comfort in superficial and shallow relationships, but it is now time so here I am.  I have been “slapped” by the Lord who told me my story is not one to be silenced or hoarded in complacency. 

This is not only a word for me but for the women of this church.  IT IS NOW TIME…to step out of our superficial, only scratching the surface, relationships and dive into true fellowship sharpening one another.  Our stories are not ours but have a divine purpose to further the Kingdom; a purpose we cannot fulfill if we remain hidden from one another.  When we facilitate shallow relationships, it becomes very easy to be superficial with God as well.  However, a superficial relationship with God is a game of hide-and-seek that we will lose someday.  Let the loosing game be sooner rather than later.  Surrender and let’s begin the process of refinement. 
Coming out of seclusion, He has taken me back to the foundation of who I am…I am still exploring this one.  Some days it’s easier to hear and believe what He says to be true, but He’s still working on me! Who are you?  If we yearn to be “Christ-like” and we’re made in His image, then knowing who we are comes from understanding who the Lord is. 
When you think of GOD, what comes to your mind?  How do you define GOD to others?  Is He your Maker…your Father…your Judge…your Healer…the Solid Rock…Everlasting Love…Abundant Joy…Overwhelming Peace…your everything…? 

I believe the answer can be relative, as it varies greatly on who is answering the question.  He has many faces and I have found Him in things all around me.  I see the joy of the Lord in the belly laughs of children.  I see the heart of God through people joyfully giving everything they have (2 Corinthians 9:7).  I see the love of the Lord through restoration and forgiveness.  He is here!!  He is the Sovereign King and the One who favors us…
…that leaves me breathless…
To begin knowing those who are reading this, who is the Lord to you?  How does He show Himself to you?

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